Time Sheet Formula

  • I have created a time sheet to calculate the total hours worked each day in decimal format and also in "hours" and "minutes". I have been using the following formula in the column to calculate hours and minutes.

    =CONCATENATE(INT(G9)," hours ",INT(MOD(G9,1)*60)," minutes")

    It works fine to calculate the daily hours, but when it calculates the total weekly time, it adds one minute to the total. Is there a way to edit the existing formula to prevent this? Or is there a better formula that I should be using? I have attached a copy of my file.

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    Quote from MrRedli;771079

    hope this helps, you can update if you don't want to see second by cell formatting

    Well, maybe I spoke too soon. Now it is still adding one minute to the total and it is showing 40 hours as 16 hours for the week. Maybe we have to leave the "seconds" in the formatting?

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    you will need to change the cell format [h] "Hours" mm "Minutes" with h in square bracket

    Thanks. That seems to have solved the issue.