ERROR Student Details : Command488 : OnClick : Embedded Macro

  • Hello again everyone.

    I trying to help another person bytrying to get an access data base working properly. This is also posted at…59462&p=319271#post319271 However not getting and luck.

    The problem is with form "Student Details". At the bottom of the form there are to comment boxes labled "text 464" and "text 482". When you type o comment in box 464 and click the add comment button there is suppose to be a macro that runs and places the comment into box 482. It is then stored there. Each time the user add a new comment it get stored in 482. For some reason when you click the add comment box an error pops up saying "the data Macro '(comments.addcomment ,[textaddcomment]) could not be found" I am guessing the problem is the Macro has been deleted at some point. I am not sure how to write another macro that would place the inserted comment (Box 464) into the (Box 482) so that each previous comment in (box 482) is not deleted. That was what was happening when I tried to fix the problem. When ever I inserted a new comment in (box 464) and clicked the add comment button it would delete the previous comment before adding the new comment.

    I have attached a copy of the file. Thank-you