Nested IF Condition Help required in finding a particular text in a cell.

  • Hi,

    I have 2 sheets in a Workbook. Sheet1 and Template Sheet.

    Sheet 1 contains the Raw Data and template is the place where i want the result to be displayed.

    Formula has to be displayed in Template Sheet B2 and the Account Name is in Column A in this sheet (Unique Column)

    In Sheet 1, I have a Account column in Column C and Domain in Column E and Member Column in Column D. Account column contains alphanumeric charecters and the conditions which i want to query is as follows:

    1) If The text in Column D (D2) Cotains any of the text "Domain1, Domain2, Domain3, Domain4, Domain5, Domain6, Domain7" (Sample Text) then it should check Column C Value (C2). The Account name should either start with any of the Country Codes (Listed Below) or the Domain Names in the prevous condition (Domain1, Domain2, Domain3..... Domain7) (Sample Domainxxxxxxxxxxsvc1 or INxxxxxxxxxxservice (Upper/Lower Case should be acceptable), and should end with either the text in Column C should end with "svc, SVC, Svc or Service, service, SERVICE"


    2) If the text in Column D (D2) contains any of the text "Sample1, Sample2, Sample3 then it should check if the text in the Column C Value (C2) should start with the country code or the Domain name (Upper/Lower Case should be acceptable), and the text in Column C (C2) should end with "DSA, dsa, Dsa or MSA, msa, Msa"
    I want the formula to be put in E2

    Is this possible?

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