Splash screen and starting excel minimised

  • Just finishing off my project and I would like to make it complete.

    Am trying to create a desktop shortcut (with personalised icon if possible) that will start Excel minimised and display my application splash screen but just cannot get it to work correctly. Main issue is I cannot set the shortcut properties.

    I would unload a sample workbook, but I don't have a copy of the actual workbook at home, just trying to get the shortcut sorted so it can be integrated with the existing workbook and, to be frank, I'd be embarrassed to post what I do have at the moment as I'm just going around in circles.

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    Probably a bit of overkill here, but it has been culled form an existing app.

    The zip contains 3 files. The application workbook, an icon and a file called '_debug.flag'

    When you run the application if a shortcut does not exist on the desktop, then a label captioned "Create Desktop Shortcut" is visible on the main userform. Clicking this creates the shortcut, and if a specified .ICO file exists in the same directory as the workbook that is used as the shortcut icon - it's all commented in the code.

    If the shortcut is used to open the workbook then Excel is started minimised, the workbook window will also be hidden with only the userforms visible. Thismake it look a little like it's a standalone application.

    As the code hides the workbook window, the DEBUG.FLAG file is used to prevent this while developing...

    Simplest thing to do is just watch it work. Extract all the files to one directory. Open the workbook in Excel (A splash screen will be displayed before the main screen), then click 'Create Shortcut'. Close the workbook and then use the desktop icon to start. Excel should not be visible, just the Splash Screen and then the application window. Close the application and rename '_debug.flag' to 'debug.flag'

    Read the comments in the cmdClose click of the userform - you can tie yourself in knots with hidden instances of Excel...

    The main drawback is the workbook must be opened in Excel first as the workbook name and path are used to define the shortcut, but after that the users can just use the shortcut.


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    Incredible - having to open the workbook manually first is not a problem. I don't have the words to thank you, so 'Thank You' will have to do.

    Is there any way to mark this as Solved or give reputation on the site?

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    ...mark this as Solved

    No. The site doesn't have either of those facilities. Personally I prefer that, no complaints about not having your 'Rep' added to. As far as marking it solved goes, I think your reply is confirmation enough :)

    I'm sure you'll have questions, feel free to post back.

    In the meantime, minor changes to the workbook. You need to complete the code in the UserForm_QueryClose event.

    Be aware, do not use the Shortcut to open the workbook if you intent to work on the code, open it manually in Excel and make sure the DEBUG.FLAG file exists...

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    Got'cha - I see what you mean about not changing the code if started by the shortcut. It's very easy to get confused.

    That link in the label is a neat idea, too. Thank you again.