Display data on userform

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    My first time here, so...Hi!!!.

    Would anyone please be so kind to help me display some data on a userform?. The data range starts at AY27:Bg27. These are actually the headings. Data populates underneath these headings and can range any amount of rows, I would say maybe one thousand rows max. At times it may be 10 rows, then suddenly more, or less, and so on. I have a form control button that places a "1" in Z2. As soon as this "1" is present, the data populates and I would then like to see this data on a userform. Most likely the userform should have vertical scroll bar as well. Any help will be accepted with great humility and respect. Thank you all kindly..

  • Re: Display data on userform

    You could use a ListBox on a UserForm, but I cannot see any advantage, more disadvantages with up to a 1000 rows