Get First letter from each word

  • Hey Guys
    I have wrote a formula to grab the first letter from the first three words of a cell.
    Only prob I have is I need it for the first four or five (five preferably)

    Does anyone have one of these formulas, I know they would be extremely long to write.
    Here is the one I have wrote:
    [INDENT]=((LEFT(A2,1)&IF(ISERROR(FIND(" ",A2)),"",LEFT(MID(A2,FIND(" ",A2)+1,LEN(A2)),1))&IF(ISERROR(FIND(" ",MID(A2,FIND(" ",A2)+1,LEN(A2)))+FIND(" ",A2)),"",LEFT(MID(A2,FIND(" ",MID(A2,FIND(" ",A2)+1,LEN(A2)))+FIND(" ",A2)+1,1))))

    Thanks a mill

  • Re: Get First letter from each word

    Hi RA

    A custom function will probably be a little more fexible than a formula as the formula will probably be longer the longer the word count. There is a nice bit of code on the extend office website here;…-letter-of-each-word.html

    Looks a bit like this and seems to go OK.

    Used like this

    =GetFirstLetters(A2) where A2 contains your words.

    Take care


  • Re: Get First letter from each word

    Probably easiest to use a UDF

    Then in B2:


    This will work for any number of words.

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  • [USER="33159"]KjBox[/USER] Thank you so much.. I spent about 8 hours and a hundred macros trying to do this