Trend Up/Down Arrows using Conditional Formatting Icon Sets

  • Hi,
    I am looking to show Month Wise Trend Up/Down/Nuetral Arrows for the Achievement % for each month.
    I want to show the Increase or Decrease trend of the % in the next month.
    I have Baseline figures (count) and i have count of Mar, Apr, May months. (Column A)
    I have calculated the Achievement % by 100%-(Actual/Target) (Column D, G, J for Mar, Apr, May Months)
    I want to show the Increase or Decrease Trend Up/Down/Nuetral buttons either by the Achievement % or by the Total Incidents Each month compared to the Baseline Figures (Column A).
    I tried to use Icons Set in Conditional Formattting but i was not able to do that, can you please help me in finding out the solution. Sample file attached.