Remaining Percentage & Exceeding % Calculation

  • Hi Team,

    I want to calculate the remaining % and the Exceeding % for the Target Achievement %.

    I have the Actual Number and the Target Total For one group, i am using Actual/Target to calculate the Target Achievement %.

    But i also want to calculate the Remaining % and the Exceeding %.

    The Target % is 50%. I want to know how much is the Remaining % to reach 50% and also the Exceeding %, means if it crosses 50% how much it has exceeded, whether 20%, 30%.

    But there will be 0% also, i want to display only the Positive signs, if it is 50-60 the result will be -10 and i want that to be shown in exceeding % {example}

    Please help

  • Re: Remaining Percentage & Exceeding % Calculation

    The three values needed are Actual, Target, and Target%.

    Remaining formula:
    =MAX(0,Target% - Actual/Target)

    Exceeding formula:
    =MIN(0,Actual/Target - Target%)

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