Send e-mail several groups of recipients from Excel

  • Recently there was a thread where a member asked for a solution to send several emails with a text from one Word-document and where the recipient-groups are in a worksheet.

    Below You find a fully workable example-procedure based on the following:

    • A bookmark is used for the textrange in the Word-document.
    • The groups of recipients are in columns, i e one group per column.

    In the example early binding is used and therefore it require that we set references to the following libraries:

    * Microsoft Word x.x Library
    * Microsoft Outlook x.x Library
    * MIcrosoft Forms x.x Library

    The example has been developed with the following softwares:
    * MS Excel 2000 SP-3
    * MS Word 2003 SP-1
    * MS Outlook 2003 SP-1
    * MS Windows 2000 SP-4

    Let´s face it once for all - Automation rocks :)

  • Re: Send e-mail several groups of recipients from Excel

    This is wonderful...

    My problem is attachments... Each mail address in my list might require 1 to 10 attachments to be included with their mailout.

    Thanks for your work,