Subtract using vba minus0

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    Hi to all experts,

    i have a file with multiple sheets with same format and it subtracts automatically C-D using vba and puts the answer E when i paste new data on it

    What i want to do is apply this vba code to F-G=H and I-J=K and P-Q=R on each sheet but couldn't

    I use this for consolidating datas which i get every month from branches and i just want to copy and paste whole sheet at once (not column by column) whitout controlling if there are any wrong formulas on it..

    I couldnt attach my exact file but have a wetransfer link for it.


    There is two code on each sheet, one is,

    1. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    2. Dim LastRw As Long
    3. LastRw = ListObjects(1).DataBodyRange.Rows.Count + 10 'Last table row + 10
    4. If Not Intersect(Target, Range("C11:d" & LastRw)) Is Nothing Then
    5. Call CminusO(LastRw)
    6. End If
    7. End Sub

    second code is like that,

    Sample minus0.xlsm

    Thanks a looottt in advance.

    Best regards..

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