Log into website and scrape data into table - $150

  • Hi there,

    I am looking for help to develop a routine to scrape data from a site that I subscribe to. I have tried a few methods to access the page to be data-scraped, but I have struggled with the login. I am hoping that maybe someone here can help create a routine and parse the data. Below is what I was hoping to accomplish.

    1. Create routine to log into BarCharts for which I can provide temporary login (https://www.barchart.com/login)

    2. Use routine to navigate to the options price history and input variables for Ticker symbol, expiration date, strike price, and call/put.

    - https://www.barchart.com/optio…Price=140.00&symbolType=C

    3. Scrape the results of the table (time, open, high, etc) both into an array within VBA and place the data onto a sheet in excel

    4. Use routine to navigate to a stock price history (am open to any other sources to get stock price history). Enter the fields for ticker, start date, end date, etc. Hopefully automatically trigger the download button, open the file, and pull into excel.

    - https://www.barchart.com/stock…/NVDA/historical-download

    This is not part of the request, but am open to thoughts/suggestions. My overall hope will be to take these routines and make an automation for which I can do the following:

    - Enter a ticker and a time span in excel or via input box

    - Scrape the price history

    - Do some analytical work

    - From this work, automatically scrape the options history multiple times for entries/exits

    - Dump each price history into a tab in excel

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  • a bit difficult to say for sure without having access to this site at the moment but I’d be willing to give it a shot for you. Getting late where I am though so I wouldn’t be able to start until tomorrow but if you’re happy with that then let me know.

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  • jryan15 Please note that aside from these types of questions being against the forum rules - providing others with access and scraping the site is explicitly against the site's Terms of Use and could potentially cost you your membership.

    Barchart do however have an API - so I would suggest looking into that instead of using scraping.