Creating a lookup system utilising drop down's based on dependent variables

  • Hi I'm attempting to make a lookup table based off a large set of data.

    There are two important components in the D & E Column. Each Entry on Column D has 5 variations in Column E that repeat for all the data. I want to use those two bits of info parsed from a dropdown menu to take a rate based off The Variables I have in the Row.

    I've tried to format these so the first second and third value can be input via a dropdown and result in the rate being output at the end however I'm struggling to correctly apply the index and match functions.

    Any advice appreciated.

  • Something along the lines of this. The value will then be affected by additional formula I'm just unsure of how to get the percentage values from the chart. (This is just a snippet w/ dummy figures rather than the entirity)EXAMPLE EXCEL FUNCTION (1).xlsx