Excel formula or VBA code for extracting external file links

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    I have an input sheet ( attached ). It contains two tabs ( Input 1 and Input 2). These have data for different years ( From 2011-2021) and different products ( A to G). Both of these tabs takes values from external excel sheets

    I need a VBA code to identify or create a list which contains tab name , the name of external sheet used and for which product and which year it is used . Please note that some of the products use more than one external file and I all the name that are used

    I have attached a sample output for the same . But I need a VBA code to do this as my original file has a lot more data.

    1. For example in the output sheet you can see for product A year 2011 file name is Dummy4.xlsx and similarly for product A year 2012.

    This is just a sample output . I need a VBA code that gives the full list along with year and product name.

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