Calculate Total Working hours ( Average ) for all the agents monthly. - Using raw data sheet - refreshable

  • Hi,

    I need help calculating the Actual working hours - using the data in a refreshable sheet to give output in average - with columns as mentioned below.

    Macro 1 - Desired output.

    • Employee Name -
    • # days in current Month
    • Exclude PTO –(This you can find from Sheet 2 under column PTO hours )
    • Exclude Training hours ( You get this information from column D under training status) - Data in sheet 2
    • Arrive at actual work days by excluding PTO and training hours.

    Macro 2 - Data found in sheet 2 of attached document all the given bulletins are Headers - need the sum of the entire data set mentioned below in average per day - based on number of working days.

    • Total Productivity (below is what is considered as productivity count (sum of it))
      • # of Scripts Dev
      • #of UAT/Dev Scripts QC
      • #Passed Scripts
      • #Failed Scripts
      • # of Defects
      • #PPV
    • Average per day count based on actual work days.


    • Nice 2.xlsx

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  • I tried both SUMIF and SUMIF's it works only with a singular column i have multiple columns with multiple row entries for similar names , and the 2nd issue being the 2nd criteria for SUM is the date , i am not able to execute into making it work with name + date.

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