Create a macro to copy the information from an excel file to a define template in excel

  • Hi guys

    I need to create a macro that allows me to copy the information from an Excel file called "Report" to an Excel file called "Template". The idea is that the macro copies the information contained in the general data and preliminar report (from the Report) in the first sheet of the "Template" following the template created (the copied information has to be in columns A to L because from N the cells have already formulas that change automatically), and copying the information below the title comments (from the Report) in the second sheet of the "template" file.

    I have no idea where to start. I uploaded the excel files.

    If someone can help me I would be really grateful

    Thank you in advance


    • Report.xlsx

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    • Template.xlsm

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  • All the information from the report to the template, both files have the same information but in the "report" is disorganized because is exacly how I obtained from the internet and it has to be with the structure of the template.