I've attached my todo list, is there any chance to delete complete todo list rows after X days ?

  • hello excelers,

    I've made a todo list with some help with other sources, and the vba there is simple but still it's not mine,

    Is there any chance you guys can perfect it just by adding VBA to delete complete todo's (those who have V next to them) after X days ? (the user will write how many days after completing or after the targer date for the todo and V for completing the row will be deleted)

    If you guys can see any improvement to this I'll love you guys to add magic to it. just this though will be amazingly enough , and thanks for any help at all,

    best regards,


    BTW- I'll just translate this file back to hebrew for now it's mostly english.


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  • Have a try with this macro to be copied into the ThisWorkbook module. Every time you open the workbook it will check column B and D; if B is checked (1) and D is major than Today it will delete the row.