How to automate the format change work using VBA?

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    Hi All,

    Please help me in atomizing a task which i do frequently which is just killing my time. I have a system generated file NIFTY21SEPFUT (CSV file). When u open the file u will see dsta starting with the date which includes the time, then NIFTY21SEPFUT O (Open), NIFTY21SEPFUT H (High), NIFTY21SEPFUT L (Low), NIFTY21SEPFUT C (Close) & NIFTY21SEPFUT V (Volume). I use this file for backfilling my data in my charting software so that my data is updated.

    In order to backfill the data, the data contents and the headers should be arranged in the below order.

    Trading Symbol Date Time Open High Low Close/Price Volume

    NIFTY21SEPFUT 16-09-2021 15:29:00 17610.35 17612.6 17607.6 17608.05 39000

    NIFTY21SEPFUT 16-09-2021 15:28:00 17612 17614.7 17610 17612 40200

    NIFTY21SEPFUT 16-09-2021 15:27:00 17613.45 17613.45 17610 17610.3 36450

    NIFTY21SEPFUT 16-09-2021 15:26:00 17613.05 17614.1 17612.75 17613.5 30400

    NIFTY21SEPFUT 16-09-2021 15:25:00 17613.85 17614.6 17611.65 17612.85 29000

    NIFTY21SEPFUT 16-09-2021 15:24:00 17609.55 17615.5 17609.55 17614 39500

    NIFTY21SEPFUT 16-09-2021 15:23:00 17609.95 17611.6 17609.3 17609.75 18900

    NIFTY21SEPFUT 16-09-2021 15:22:00 17608.6 17610 17606.45 17609.95 18250

    NIFTY21SEPFUT 16-09-2021 15:21:00 17606.85 17609.25 17605.6 17608.5 26500

    In the BFU file which I'm attaching along with this message when the user types the format of the trading symbol mentioned in the yellow area and as soon the user clicks the "Insert file" Button. A new csv file has to be created with the name of the file being mentioned in the yellow area. In this eg; NIFTY21SEPFUT (CSV File). As soon as the file is opened the data format should be as above. Note: There should be no alterations done in the system generated file NIFTY21SEPFUT (CSV). file). Hope u all got the idea.

    Along with this message I'm attaching the files system generated file NIFTY21SEPFUT (CSV file) which is a system generated file and BFU were the vba has to be coded so that i get the desired result.

    In case of any queries do message me ok... I'm not able to attach the system generated file NIFTY21SEPFUT.csv since its telling "The File extension is invalid."BFU.xlsm

    Thanks & Regards

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