Typed number auto convert as date

  • Hi,

    I want to know about know something.

    Suppose I have a workbook where lots of date to be input. The date format is like dd/mm/yyyy.

    I have to type "/" every separation of day month and year.

    Now the thing is, supposed I type 02092021 its automatically converts into 02/09/2021.

    also, select which column converts automatically as date, otherwise, all number converts as a date make my workbook invalid :rolleyes:.

    Is it possible :/ to convert a string as a date?

    any suggestion:?:

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi, Royuk

    Thanks for the below code or link


    The procedure below is for USA-style dates (mm dd yyyy format). but in my excel date format is in European style dates (dd mm yyyy)

    I try to convert the DateStr (European style dates format) using the below code

    1. datestr(datenum(dd-mm-yy),formatOut)

    But It doesn't work.

    Can Someone give suggestions on what to change and where to change in the code?

    Thanks in advance.