Extracting datas from multiple Word file into single Excel Sheet

  • Hi,

    I have Multiple word files each with different name but in same folder.

    Word file is in table format.

    Need to collect information from the above files and arrange them in a single row in excel file. Each word file data in separate row.

    I am attaching one word file and also Excel file explaining the way data is required.


  • Hi Akhus. Seems like you're not having much luck with this one. The likely reason is that the Word document(s) are poorly formatted for data retrieval. This will get U started. You will need to change the folder path to suit. Expand the "SearchWord" array to include all of the search items in the same order of your Sample wb headers.... note that the SearchWord items are case sensitive and must be what is in the document NOT what U have for headers in your Sample wb. Good luck. Dave