Copy/Past identifier to multiple rows, and then copy/paste the multiple rows below but include the subsequent identifier

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks in advance for any advice/help for this VBA newbie.

    In the attached workbook, I'm hoping copy the first ID_Number from Column A from the 'ID_List' tab and paste it to rows 3-53 in Column C of 'LOS_Data' tab. I would like to then duplicate rows 3-53 in the 'LOS_Data' tab below the existing rows and paste the next ID Number, and repeat for the entire ID_Number list.

    What I'm trying to accomplish: There are 16 ID numbers and 51 data rows, so I would end up with 816 rows on the 'LOS_Data' tab not including the headers.

    I’ve failed in my attempts to modify code found in similar threads, so hoping someone will take pity on me.

    Thanks again,