Calendar Dynamic Color Cell - VBA

  • As new sheets are added it sums the totals for each sheet, so each sheet will show the total for all the sheets.

    You never mentioned log in or multi users.

  • royUK I mentioned it at post #53 .But its ok, you have done a lot of work.

    Total of all sheets yes, but not by month that I need. Ideal will be if I choose i.e. JUNE at calendar tab to bring also (at new sheet or otherwise) the totals for the current month. You see this excel will be used for a Cafe-Bar for the cashier , that is why needed the calendar in order to break down by day the cashier. An an the end of the month to calculate the total of it.

    The users, yes I mentioned them later (you see my users are changing thoughts and ideas, as the cafe-bar is new but now this is the final structure of the excel file)

    I thought that was clear, but as always, my English are not that good, I can think and talk what my thoughts are, but not write them ...

    I am sorry I wasn't clear

    Thank you !

  • Goodmorning.

    Yes... that is the plan, You are correct. I know that this will be heavy excel and difficult to manage. But, they want it like that. Maybe, I will transfer all sheets of a month to a new worksheet, in order to make it lighter. But, I have to go as they want.

    The structure I post at #53 can be done?

    Thank you for the advice and effort.

  • I'm sorry but that is going to be a ridiculous way of working. You don't listen to users who have no concept of what Excel is capable of or the best way to use it.

    You will be continually resorting to VBA to try to make this work. With 365 sheets in the workbook it will be difficult to navigate and finding errors will be virtually impossible.

    This has already deviated from the original question to a huge extent.

    You need to get a plan put together on all the requirements for this project. Then create the project to fit the plan, but to be efficient.

  • I really understand. The plan will not change from now on, and I will stick to what is the first plan

    1. To create a calendar that will create individual day sheets - done! Thanks to your help

    2. To sum monthly all days , specific cells -done! partly not monthly per day but per year. Thank you again. If it can be done monthly then please help.

    3. Users etc for logging I will find the way.

    Anyway , thank you for your effort and advices

  • I can help you with a login form, but I think the whole project needs doing properly.

  • I know. You see employees keep changing what they want but NOT anymore. Thank you for the loggin form! I will try if I can manage to do the sum, otherwise I can do it by hand 🙂 thank you, you are very helpfull !

  • It should not be up to the employees.

    • You need an input sheet which would save to a database.
    • A database sheet to record the daily amounts
    • A sheet to select the date and view the day's amounts.
    • Reports can be easily built using the data sheet.
  • You see , as you have understand I am not a heavy excell user. I am an IT but at the other side, hardware, switches, networks, cabling etc. So, I cant built a database, like sql I suppose, thats why I stick to excel, in order to help the company I am working for, to do the job. I am really greatfull that you answered my posts. Thank you. I will stick with what I gave so far. I will calculate months by hand. Thank you again!!!

  • The database would simply be a sheet within the workbook.

    It wouldn't be difficult. If you can translate the headings in the Table form then I will have a look.

  • royUK Yes! Finally with a lot of search and your valuable help I finally did it!

    I can bring monthly sum for every aspect.

    Now just I have to figure out about the users and the color (change color when one day is finished)

    Users I am good, the only problem is the color. Can you help me again?

    Change Color: At calendar lets say that the day is 29-6-2021 and is highlighted yellow because is the today(). Is it possible when day ends to change color to Red? If it is not, then I am ok, I am good!


    Thank you!