deleting row from table causes Ref Error on my Gantt Chart Excel file

  • Hello dear dear Excel geniuses ,

    the more I improve the more I understand how awesome you are,

    I'm building Projects management planner in excel ,

    I have the table which have all my tasks , and outside of the table to the right I have columns of dates, and the cells shows the number of minutes that a specific task will take, and I'm doing Sum on that and getting the sum minutes I'm working daily on all that particular date projects.

    unfortunately I got 2 problems : 1 big problem and 1 medium-small problem.

    My biggest problem is that whenever I delete a row or adds new rows - the right calculations get Ref error, I know that index might fix it but I don't know how to drag formula with index and my second problem is that I wish that this is could have being much more resources friendly because I want those right dates to be like 10,000 columns of dates but the file get too slow.

    I wish pls to keep automatic calculations .

    I've uploaded my project management file, I cut it to 450 kb , originally it's 20MB because of many dates and calculations beneath.

    other than this project management is almost finish, I guess I know how to do format conditioning to make those start date till end dates colored.

    best regards and thanks ahead,


    Project Management Planner.xlsm