Compare/locate data between 2 sheets then copy quantity to Master

  • I have no idea where do go with this one and my VBA knowledge is pretty close to ZERO. I have 6000 lines of inventory and need VBA's/your help.

    The summation is to compare the Description between 2 sheets (Count and Master) then copy the quantity to the matching data's line in the Master sheet.

    Just a thought but if description doesn't match, can it be colored RED or can we easily search/locate matching data?

    These descriptions may contain special characters.

  • Can you attach a sample workbook, just 10 or so rows of data will be sufficient.

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  • KjBox, apologies for the delay, compare/locate Part No. and/or Description then once the correct line item has been found then if data exists in Sheet2 "NOTES" then copy data from Sheet2 "NOTES" to Sheet1 "System".


    • DEMO INFO.xls

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