How to use an Userform [VBA] multiple times in excel sheet

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    I am using Userform1 multiple times in different Excel worksheets. But, If I select Checkbox in the first Userform then another Userforms checkbox automatically selected. How can I separate them?

    I'm a beginner in coding so do not have much idea how can I segregate them to perform individually.

    1. Private Sub CommandButton7_Click()
    2. UserForm1.Show
    3. End Sub
    4. Private Sub CommandButton8_Click()
    5. UserForm1.Show
    6. End Sub

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  • Thank You.. Here is my sample file for better understanding. You can check when I select optionbutton in Sheet1 then the same optionbutton automatically gets selected in Sheet2. I want both Cmdbutton and Userform perform individually


    • Test Mode.xlsm

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  • Roy, hope you would have clicked both "SELECT" button in "Sheet1" & "Sheet2"

    I want to use the same "Userform9" for both CommanButton's "SELECT" in each sheet

    Suppose, If I click on "Select" Button at "Sheet1" then Userform9 will open. I can select any Option/Radio Button in Userform9 and save/close it.

    The issue is when I click on "Select" Button at "Sheet2" then Userform9 opens, but the same Option/Radio Button selected by default that I had selected in "Sheet1".

    If I select other Option/Radio Button at "Sheet2" in Userform9 and save/close it, then the same thing happens with "Sheet1" Userform.

    In "Sheet1" Option/Radio Button selected by default that I have selected in "Sheet2".

    I know I can make replica of Userform with different name which will work perfectly. But, I have several sheets in my original Workbook.

    This is just a sample to understand my issue.

    I want know with the same Userform , How can I perform them individually. I mean If I do some change in "Sheet1" Userform that should not reflect or select any Option/Radio Button in "Sheet2" Userform. Both should perform separately.

    Hope you have solution for me :)

  • That's because you are hiding the userform, not unloading it.


    1.  Private Sub CancelButton_Click()
    2. UserForm9.Hide
    3. End Sub
    4. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    5. UserForm9.Hide
    6. End Sub


    1. Private Sub CancelButton_Click()
    2. Unload Me
    3. End Sub
    4. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    5. Unload Me
    6. End Sub
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