Excel VBA Linked Data Types - ServiceId

  • I couldn't find much out there for information on the serviceids for linked data types so I thought I would post this. These are the serviceid's for the Excel linked data types. I created it as an enum so you reference it ServiceID.xxxxx. This way when you type serviceid with a period folowing it, it will display a list of the ids for you to select.

    To use linked data types in VBA you would use the following statement:

    Range.ConvertToLinkedDataType ServiceID:=268435456, LanguageCulture:="en-US".

    To see what each linked data type provides please see this article by Microsoft.

    As of this writing I believe the only LanguageCulture supported is "en-us".

    This list is current as of 5/14/21. As other linked data types are added I will try to keep this updated.