VBA Application.Run for Running Macros-with-Parameters Stored Inside Excel Cells

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    Aim: To Loop Through Cells Containing Macro Names and Run Those Macros via Application.Run

    Issue: The code used to loop through cells and run macros works perfectly only for macros without parameters. For those macros with parameters, it fails.

    Problem in Detail:

    I have stored a few macro names inside Excel cells.

    I loop through those cells and call macros (names) written inside them as follows.

    [The subroutine below is called from another subroutine by providing the parameters correctly.]

    It works correctly when there are no parameters for the macros. But generates error when it tries to run the following macro stored in a cell.

    JumpToNextCtl, ws, ctlGrpName, activeTbx

    This macro is supposed to take its parameters - ws, ctlGrpName and activeTbx - from the subroutine 'SelectAppsToRun'

    ws as Worksheet, ctlGrpName as String, activeTbx As MSForms.TextBox

    The error message I get is:

    Cannot run the macro '"JumpToNextCtl", ws, ctlGrpName, activeTbx'. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.

    I understand Application.Run considers the whole as a single string and the fact that there are commas in it does not treat them as separate parameters.

    Is there any way to accomplish what I aim to accomplish?

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