Update Record Base on Primary Key

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    Attached is a workbook I am working on. I have three Departments, namely, Admin & Finance, Operations and PME. Each Department has data unique to them. The data from each Department forms part of the record. For instance, I would like the Admin and Finance Department to insert data from column A1, B1, C1 and D1. Operations Department to insert from column E1, F1, G1 and H1 on the same row, while PME inserts from I1, J1, K1 and M1 etc. However, because the insertion will not be done at the same time, I would like that if PME is inserting her data, a VBA code to check if Operations or Finance has entered her data with the same PRIMARY KEY (Contract Number). If yes, PME's record should be inserted on the same row. That is, CHECK to see IF there is a record with the same Contract Number. If yes, insert on the same row. Otherwise, insert as new record. I would appreciate it if I can be assisted to achieve that.

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