Macro to cycle through drop-down selection (with conditional) to print to PDF (name in cell) and save in X path (path in cell)

  • Goodnight everyone,

    First I would like to tell you what I have been doing so far and then request your help.

    I have this excel file which is mainly made up of two sheets:

    1. Apartment information sheet

    2. Sheet to make quotes for the apartments

    In the quotation sheet, I have a cell where I write the nomenclature of the apartment (D2), I specify if it has parking (H2) and deposit (I2), and the quotation data is automatically completed (I bring the data from the sheet of information). At this point I could print a PDF and have the quote. However, I must emphasize that there are 5 types of apartments and each type has different customization options, for example, the type 1 apartment has 11 customization options ranging from 1 to 11, and on the other hand, the type 3 apartment has 4 customization options ranging from "STD" to 3 (The type of apartment brings it in cell E27). In that order of ideas, when I am printing the quotes, in a cell I have a drop-down with the customization options (E28), I choose which option I am going to print and I print it. So, for example, for the case of apartment type 1, I have to print 11 PDFs.

    I have tried to streamline this activity with the help of macros, for which I found this

    This allows me to print the 12 customization options (1 to 11 + STD) for the apartments and save the PDFs with the name I assign to the file (L18) in the folder where I have the file. It has been a considerable improvement.

    I want to go a little further and I would like you to please help me.

    Currently, I have another drop-down box in a box that validates the options available for each type of apartment (L16), that is, if it is a type 1 it allows me to choose only from 1 to 11 and if it is a type 3 it allows me to choose only from STD to 3 (I have this configured in another sheet called Dropdowns).

    The idea is that the macro cycle in that drop-down menu that shows only the options for X type of apartment (L16) and that way only the corresponding options are printed. Also, I have in another cell the name of the path where I want the file to be saved (L19), so as not to have to manually move the PDFs or move the file and have them printed elsewhere.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for editing the post but you include part of the explanation there. I would really appreciate if you could change from line 46 since that doesnt´t make part of the code.

    Yes, there is not dropdown in D2, there i put manually which apartment i want to make the quotes. I have dropdowns in E28 (the one i'm using right now to manually print the quotes and the one using the macro). I woud like to use the dropdown in L16 that changes accordingly with the type of the apartment