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    Excel attached

    Data Sheet - Column d is the data that I input and column E and F is the same data with a tolerance of plus or minus one.

    In this instance there is 10 lots of data in col E/F which I want to find all occurrences of this data in this same order in column A

    As you can see on row 28 to 37 there is a perfect match which I have deliberately inserted so that it's easier to understand.

    Once this and any further matches are found I would like them to be put on the results page on the second sheet

    I have filled out the first example of how I would like it but I am open to other suggestions if there is an easier way.

    Columns B to K are the data from rows 28 to 37 and columns I to P are the next five rows after this data which is important.

    Column A on data sheet will have up to 800k entries . I am not bothered if the macro is slow. I have powerful computer anyway.

    As I am unsure if there will be enough sample results for what I need I would like to be able to change the data that I input in column d and restrict it if necessary to five six seven eight or nine number samples so that I can get enough result samples so would be good if I could change Cell (I2) to e.g. 7 to get 7 matches if i need only 7

    Hope this makes sense if not please ask.

    Best regards Paul


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