How to split data into separate workbooks?

  • Hello

    It been very long time since I want to learn this, I have data and I want to split it into separate workbooks which will be saved in the same folder of workbook

    Split of data to be by Service Group "Column D", please advise how can I do that since am not expert in VBA, CODING etc.


    • 07050599.xlsx

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  • Try this. The code currently saves to a subfolder named Files, you can change this if required.

  • The new workbooks should be saved as the name in Column D.

    Change the RowHeight with the added line

  • I mean after I run the Macro is it possible to have each workbook to have specific table format? for example same attached file?

    As will take me very long time to go to each workbook to modify the format to be same attached file.

    Header blue , font white

    Row height 30

    All text center align and middle


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  • Try this

  • The format worked but the issue after separate each workbook it copy all data, for example service group ACO output same original data file.

    So separate files does not work, i attached some examples.


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    • AGL.xlsx

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  • Here is a different twist. I created a parameter query in Power Query. File is attached. Select Service Group in Drop Down and then click on Refresh All on the Data Tab. You will then get only the service group selected.