Clear cell range without using VBA/Macro

  • :?:We need to be able to clear a range of cells using a button of some sort. However, the document is to be housed in SharePoint, meaning we cannot use a VBA/Macro, as it is disabled in the web based format. The cells need to clear completely (essentially clearing the form to use it over again). Is this possible to do without a macro?:?:

  • Hello,

    Among the solutions ... as long as you have created a Named Range for all your input cells ...

    you can use the F5 key to select your named range and the Delete key to clear the contents ...

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  • Thanks - this is a great solution! There are only 3 areas on the "form" which is actually more of a calculator, though. So the F5, selecting, hitting ok, takes nearly as long as highlighting each of the 3 areas and deleting. I wish F5 would automatically highlight my range without the selection pop up box! Either way, this may be as good as it gets without a macro and I genuinely appreciate the answer!