Userform Labels not displaying when set to Visible

  • I have a number of forms which each contain a number of Labels which have been created with their Visibility set to False. Once the forms are displayed I'm trying to change the label Visibility to True which appears to work (no runtime errors), however the labels do not display. I've tried hiding/showing the forms, unloading/loading the forms, repainting the forms and can't get it to work.

    A coupe of notes:

    1. The forms were manually created with ShowModal set to false. I need this in order to display multiple forms at once.
    2. The labels in question have their backgrounds set to transparent
    3. I'm using some APIs which I don't really understand to suppress the 'X' button in the corner of the forms as well. (I've tried calling the forms with out running this sub but it didn't make any difference so I don't think it's the issue)

    Hopefully it's something simple I'm just missing.