excluding deeper level subfolders

  • This post is in continuation from excluding folder paths with spaces

    My next question is how to :

    1. exclude 1st level subfolder(s) & deeper nested subfolder(s) (2nd..3rd..4th) that are still listed (see image attached of excel worksheet). I would like to exclude everything inside including the excluded folder itself from the list, not just the contents inside that subfolder....

    2. Recursive listing of parent paths...list to be continued below as each parent folder is added and searched

    If other deeper nested subfolders have the same name within the 2nd, 3rd, 4th subfolder level then in that case, would a folder path would make sense to exclude instead of names?

  • Does anyone want to answer this question? Does anyone have a clue where to begin? I have been waiting for so long to get a reply but nothing...the last thread I made got responses but this threat it seems everyone just left the forum and does not want to answer even though I made a detailed post. Does anyone want to respond to this or should I make a new thread?

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