copy from one excel and paste in SharePoint excel

  • Hi all,
    Is it possible to paste the data to the file uploaded in the share point. ? I have the below scenario. Please assist me.

    > Summary File - If I enter "No" in column H then automatically that particular line should be moved to the respective workbook in the SharePoint based on Name and Country.
    > Eg. If I enter "No" in the column H of the first line item in the summary file in which the name and the country is RK and DE accordingly so that the first line item should be moved to the workbook named as "RK_DE" which has been already uploaded in the SharePoint ..

    > The above needs to be followed for other scenarios as well as per the summary file.
    I have attached the summary sheet and the 2 SharePoint files as well.
    I have already tried it from my end however it is not working.