VBA button that activate cell with HYPERLINK("mailto:

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to create a VBA button that activate cell with HYPERLINK("mailto: .......

    How can I do that?

    I tried using that topic but I dont know VBA to make the adjustments...8o

    The formula works great and is: =HYPERLINK("mailto:"&D2&"?" &"cc="&E2&"&subject="&F2&B2 &"&body="&G2,"Send it")

    The table is:

    [Blocked Image: https://i.ibb.co/q0T5VH5/12.png]

    Thanks a lot!

  • Explain more fully.

    Why do you need a hyperlink to activate a cell?

    Where is the cell?

    Thank you for the comment.Meanwhile I succeed to do that with Microsoft Publisher, but I still want the Excel way.

    This is the file: https://f2h.io/fnotrf9xnvfv

    The formula activates a semi-auto email sending. I want to create a VBA button that switch the semi to fully auto.

    I need to send an email once a month to a varying amount of people.

    Gmail and Outlook disrupt the text a bit (aligned to the left and no signature). I found that only the built-in application in Windows solves these problems.

    The formula alone works great, all that remains is to click "Send Email" in an Excel file, wait for the email to open, click "Send", minimize the software and so on. One two is fine, but when it comes to 100 of these it's a long time 🙂

    What I need:

    1. Permanent email address (to).

    2. Sometimes a copy to another person.

    3. Subject of the e-mail: "Warning to end the validity of confirmation:" + Text varies according to the line

    4. Email Content:

    Hello + text varies by line.

    On: + Text that changes depending on the line will expire on:

    + Text varies by line.

    For your care.

    Really thanks for the help!

  • You need to attach the file here, not on an external file sharing site.

    It seems like you need to have a list of recipients in Excel then code to loop through that list and send an email to each one. Not what you were asking.

    Attach an example of your workbook.

  • Here's a quick example

    Thank Roy again.

    Your file works great, look at the Example I attached here.

    The subject and the "body" are more complicated.

    Do you have any recommendation?


    • Example.xlsx

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  • You have a cell for body which concatenates the message. It doesn't seem to working though. Is that what you want correcting?


    The subject is always "Warning to end the certificate: " + cell B2 (after that B3, B4 etc.).

    The body will be:

    "Hello + cell A2 (after that A3, A4 etc.).

    At: + cell C2 (after that C3, C4 etc.) + The certificate will expire: cell B2 (after that B3, B4 etc.).



  • Try this

  • Try this


    Works 100% :)

    Is there an option to allign the text to the right instead of the left? (The text will be in Hebrew).

    And using the Mail app of the windows instead of Outlook?

    I'm really appreciate your help!