VBA loop to copy table contents as a value, one cell at a time

  • Hi All,

    can someone help me with the code to copy each of the cells as a value from table 1 to table 2, it needs to copy and paste each cell individually moving from O18 to Z18, O19 to Z19 O20 to O20 until the last cell of the table

    Table 1

    Table 2

    Would appreciate the help

  • Hi Roy,

    I have attached the example worksheet.

    The tab to use is "loan", I need the numbers in the cells (B5:M14) in pink to be close to 0, in order for this to happen you have to input the reciprocal positive value in the yellow cells (B18:M27), when you enter a number the next cell changes as it is affected by interest, hence the reason I need it to do it one cell at a time. I know you can use the macro recorder to do it but there are other equations and if statements that I need to include that cannot be used with the macro recorder

    Hope this makes sense




    • Example 1.xlsm

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