VBA code to copy and paste as values multiple sheets into a different workbook

  • Hi

    I have a workbook with the price lists for various customers and I am trying to copy into a different workbook certain tabs only. I was able to separate by using the below code, but I also want to paste as values only. Please could you help me to adjust the below code?



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  • Try this

  • Hi Roy,

    Apologies, I usually attach the file that I am working on and was rushing late last night :) Going forward I will make sure that I have wrapped the VBA code in code tags.

    I have tried copying your code to my attached file but it didn't seem to want to work.

    Please could you have another look?



  • It sees that it is not possible to copy more than one sheet to a new workbook or existing workbook if there is a List (Excel 2003) or a Table (Excel 2007+) in one of the worksheets. I've adapted a workaround posted by Ron de Bruin.