20 $ -Load values from other excel file based on other cell value ("Vlookup from other file")

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    I have an ongoing measurement experiments. Each month I have to create a new file Excel file, based on csv files coming from a statistic program. In General the imported csv file has a lot of columns (>120). The order is quite random, however the header names are always unique in the table, the problem is that I have headers like "local sampling site", "food commodity", "Model Nr", RGB Value" (with multiple spaces inside) is it possible to have a way to specify the order in which the columns are arranged?
    Directly inside a makro or as values in a design sheet? I found some vba codes which are doing the sorting, but not for more then 100 columns and the have a problem with the space. - This is the first work task.

    This are ongoing experiments, were I carry some comments for some experiments always over. From the excel file of the previous month I entered manually some comments of observations ("Kommentar"), I need this I would like to transfer to the new file. Second task


    1. On the General sheet I have a button, from where I want to call the makro via button ("Import Comments").
    2. This macro should open the file explorer, where I can select an other excel file. (e.g. Example_202003)
      Booth files have the same naming for the worksheets and tables.-
    3. On the sheet "data" in the Table CRM the Sample ID value is looked up and the cell "Kommentar" is copied from Example_202003 to Example_20204


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