VBA code to copy formula from Previous row when inserting a new row using a command button

  • Hi All,

    I am hoping that someone can help me, I am creating a spreadsheet which has a couple of easy formulas and a few cells that use data validation.

    I have set up a command button to insert a new row below the previous row and I want to be able to one copy the formulas and two if possible the data validation into the new row whilst keeping the original data in the previous row.

    This is the code I have for the command button, I have tried various codes to also copy the formulas but nothing is working.

    1. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    2. Dim rowNum As Integer
    3. On Error Resume Next
    4. rowNum = Application.InputBox(Prompt:="Enter Row Number where you want to add a row:", _
    5. Title:="Insert Quote Row", Type:=1)
    6. Rows(rowNum & ":" & rowNum).Insert Shift:=xlDown
    7. End Sub

    I would be really grateful if anyone could assist me in this matter. :)

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