Debugging VBA built on Excel2013 not working on v2016

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    We updated recently to excel 2016 and when trying to run the onld VBAs we get errors in the code we did not get before the update... maybe there are changes we re not aware...

    Also, the code was developed by and external and have no clue what can be going wrong....

    We have the following code:


    But I have been getting errors on these last 2 lines: Run time error '9' "Subscript out of range"

    I am moving teams and must handover this soon, so was trying to test it to show it to my successor, but I cannot figure out what can be wrong here since I did not do the code, only guided the development of it, please your help!

    Thank youu!!

  • That would suggest that there isn't an open workbook (in the same Excel instance as the workbook with the code) with the name you specified.

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  • Dear Rory, this was definitively the big issue..... Excel used to open all in the same instance and now it is not like that..

    I tried by opening it from te same file in which the macro was, and indeed it run properly now, I just need to figure out a few linking issues now.

    Thank you soo much!:love:

    How can I mark this as resolved???