mailto only lowercase?

  • Hi guys,

    on a userform I have a button for auto-compiling a e-mail.

    1. Private Sub cmbMail_Click()
    2. stringa = "HELLO"
    3. SendMailWithMailTo "[email protected]", "", "", "Subject Text", "Body Mail Text %0D%0A" & stringa
    4. End Sub

    who call a function

    it works but on e-mail, all sentences, subject and the variable stringa is written always in lowercase.

    I need that the format of words are exacly as I wrote on code.

    where's the mistake?


  • Thanks for the link, very interesting.

    My issue is that I don't know if user has outlook installed or another mail client (or maybe webmail).

    With mailto I don't care on it and always works, but sometimes happen that sentences are in lowercase (and I don't know the cause)

  • This seems to use the body exactly as typed.