Search range based on input from a cell and then contents of list cell immediately to the left in an array

  • Hi, I have a list of text values I need to search a range in a workseet. The range is just one column. I need to search that column "E" and then return the value in the same row but from column C. I tried using INDEX ARRAY but that didn't work.

    Hoping VBA could be a solution. It has been a while since I have used VBA so I am a little rusty.


  • Where is the list of values to be searched? Where do you want to return the values from column C?

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  • As "Mumps" mentioned, don't be shy by giving us needed information in a concise manner.

    You have to remember that you have the workbook in question in front of you while we're just taking a stab at what we think it looks like.

    For lack of pertinent info, either of these or a combination maybe.

    1. Sub Maybe_A()
    2. Dim txtArr, i As Long
    3. txtArr = Array("Text1", "Text2", "Text3") '<---- List of values. Expand as required
    4. For i = LBound(txtArr) To UBound(txtArr)
    5. MsgBox Columns(5).Find(txtArr(i), , , 1).Offset(, -2).Value
    6. Next i
    7. End Sub

    1. Sub Maybe_B()
    2. Dim c As Range
    3. For Each c In Range("H2:H" & Cells(Rows.Count, 8).End(xlUp).Row) '<---- List of values to be found
    4. Columns(5).Find(c, , , 1).Offset(, 2).Value = Columns(5).Find(c, , , 1).Offset(, -2).Value
    5. Next c
    6. End Sub