Ms Excel VBA Scripting Solution

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    For each Name in Column A1 of each worksheet in the workbook,I wish to use this formula: 1/Cell B1 value of worksheet1 + 1/Cell C1 value of worksheet2*100 and display the result if less than 100. This same process is repeated between worksheet1 and worksheet3 up until between worksheet1 and worksheet10. The iteration now starts using worksheet2 and worksheet3 and so on until between worksheet2 and worksheet10. Iteration continues beginning from worksheet3(1/Cell B1 value + 1/Cell C1 value of worksheet4*100)...until worksheet3(1/Cell B1 value of sheet3)+ 1/Cell C1 value of worksheet10*100. The last iteration for the first name in column A(sheet1) would be to use 1/ Cell B1 value of sheet9 + 1/Cell C1 value of sheet10*100. These will be executed before the loop goes to the second name in Column A2 of sheet1 and executes the above iteration process all over again( this time : 1/Cell B2 value of worksheet1 + 1/Cell C2 value of worksheet2*100). The rest of the names in Column A is looped through until last Name (Stacy) in Column A10(1/Cell B10 value of worksheet1 + 1/Cell C10 value of worksheet2*100 is looped through with the corresponding iteration through the cells as above and finally displays all values less than 100 through the message box or in some cells of the workbook. Ms Excel workbook