Thumbnails from Hyperlinks in CSV.

  • Hi all

    I have a CSV file d/l from a wordpress form which has hyperlinks to photos. Is there a way to make thumbnails from the links? Or a more user-friendly way to present the hyperlinks so users don't have to copy/paste links individually into a browser to see them?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I text split your jpeg files names in AB2 and then went to Insert=>picture and copy pasted the jpeg file into the file name and voila, your picture appeared.

    If you were to use the macro recorder for this, you would end up with a code that looks like this.

    1. Sub InsertPic()
    2. Range("W8").Select
    3. ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert( _
    4. "" _
    5. ).Select
    6. Range("U34").Select
    7. End Sub