UserForm to Stay on Top thru Toggle/Checkbox button

  • Hello All,

    Back here again with another query.

    So, I have the following codes (which I got from Google) to make my UserForm "stay-on-top" which is working perfectly. My concern now is how do I make work using a toggle button. Unfortunately, there are scenarios wherein I need to turn off that stay-on-top feature so i wouldn't miss anything. And, I want to do that via Toggle or Checkbox button - whichever is more practical.

    Also, the below codes minimize Excel once the UserForm opened. Now, another problem is, when I minimize that UserForm and I want to maximize it back, Excel goes with it. Basically, I cannot minimize Excel manually without minimizing the UserForm with it. When I do, the UserForm gets minimized too. I hope that make sense. lol

    Thanks guys!

    Here are my codes for my module:

    Here are my codes on the UserForm.

  • This what minimises Excel

    1. Application.WindowState = xlMinimized

    I'm not sure if this is what you want.

    The CheckBox hides the Form. Click the show button on the sheet and the Form show again

  • Hi royUK . Yes, I am aware that code minimize Excel after opening the form and that's fine with me. That's what I need and that's the interface I need. The thing is, when I minimize the form, I can't maximize it again without maximizing Excel along with it. Then, I can't minimize Excel without minimizing the form too.