How to find a partial match in internet explorer table?

  • Hello, I'm trying to get a value in a table, I made this code to get the value I need from each month: (well, that is the intention)

    1. Set tbl = IE.document.getElementById("table-pre")
    2. For Each td In tbl.getElementsByTagName("td")
    3. If td.innerText = "01-01-20 06:40:28" Then
    4. january.Value = td.NextSibling.NextSibling.innerText
    5. End If
    6. Next

    Here is the thing, the value that is never going to change is the first 3 characters "01-" as I want to get the first day of each month, is there any way to find this cell with a partial match?

    I thought I could use If td.innerText = "01-" & "*" Then but this does not return anything.

    If this is not possible what could I use to get to the same result?

    Website code: