From a *.png file to powerpoint with animation

  • I'm kind of new to VBA i PowerPoint and hope someone with better knowledge can suggestion a solution. I want the program to move part of upper right corner of a *.png files to PowerPoint slide with animation.

    I have let say three folders with let say 40 *.png files in each folder (All three folders are in one joined folder) I want to open the first folder in the joined folder, open the first *.png file in that folder take a square of the upper right corner (or take a print screen of the entire open picture) open the PowerPoint and paste the copied piece into the PowerPoint slide, close that *.png and open the next *.png in the same folder do the same and add it in PowerPoint with appear animation (or some animation) and do so for all 40 *.png pictures. When that folder's pictures are moved open the next folder and do the same thing but on the next slide in the same PowerPoint file. And do this on all available folders and *.png files.

    Hope someone can post a suggestion or can send me a link on similar VBA code

    Thank you

    Best Regards