Change Command Button caption via checkbox and copy to clipboard or to a new textbox

  • DISCLAIMER: Posting this for a new project I am planning to work on.

    I want to create a UserForm with multiple Command Buttons and a single checkbox.

    What I am hoping to achieve here is when I click on that single checkbox (CheckBox1), the captions on the Command Buttons will change.

    A simple example would be: CommandButton1 caption is "A" and when CheckBox1 is ticked it would change to "a".

    After this, when I click on the command button I am looking at 2 scenarios:

    1. that caption to be automatically copied to clipboard. I'll paste it somewhere else like Notepad, etc.

    2. that caption to be automatically copied and pasted to TextBox1 of the same userform.

    Thanks everyone!

    I love this forum! I am learning a lot here. :*<3