Using sumif on different columns without getting a double/triple sum up

  • Hi guys!

    New as a user, but quite experienced as a reader of this forum, but I couldn't find an answer to my problem this time, so I had to register! :)

    Please pardon my english, it is indeed my second language, but I'll try my best.

    In the formula I've created using sumif and sumifs I want the amound from Column A to sum up, if in Column B we got a specific text and/or a reference number in column C.

    I've attached my file, where you can see the formula I'm using - but it counts double (and I understands why it counts double, I just don't know how to make Excel stop doing it)

  • Yes, that works, but only if some of the cells are blanks. I've attached a new file where all the cells have info in them - which will be a more likely scenario.

    I still only want to sum once, as long as I have some of the info there.

    New example added.