Changing the way this code copies ranges to to a worksheet and prints

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    This code works perfectly, it loops through 14 columns looking for value in 1 of 5 rows. Each of the 5 rows have a group of Named ranges. If the value is True, it copies 3 ranges in same column to 1 of 5 worksheets and then prints, it then loops back again and repeats till complete. This runs when a button is clicked and if all columns had True would print 70 sheets.

    I have another button that will also copy the ranges and print, if it is False.

    When this is the case it loops through 14 columns looking for the False value in each row, and at end of each row it then Prints. Once again there 1 of 5 worksheets these are formatted with 3 pages each this allows if there is a value in all, which will be very rare.

    Each row has a set of ranges they are

    Row 23 Nuna1 to Nuna14

    Row 31 Verm1 to Verm14

    Row 43 Mitch 1 to Mitch14

    Row 58 Black1 to Black14

    Row 78 Boxhill1 to Boxhill14

    So at the completion of each row it prints the worksheet and then goes to next row. I have included a screenshot of 1 of these worksheets I have typed in where I want the data that is copied, this matches what I have in the workbook currently. Here if all columns had False needs to print 5 Worksheets each with up to 3 pages that's 15 pages.

    I hope this makes sense I have been playing with this for about a week

    Weekly UMS Template Version 4.xlsm

  • I forgot to add the code which runs off the button with red text.